Clubhouse Members’ Testimonials

From a Clubhouse member who has been attending planning meetings since June 2010:

“While I have been working with several members of the Well Being Development Corporation and with other clubhouse members, I have learned several things.  I have become more tolerant of the slow processes of tasking involving government grant money and donations.

While I seriously doubted that the clubhouse would be a reality, I have been part of the clubhouse coming to life. One of the ways I have helped is obtaining furnishing for the clubhouse.  I was able to get needed free furnishings before we had a physical location. Once we got a location for meetings, I was asked to be the facilities manager. I have been a founding member of our early clubhouse planning meetings and have asked other members to join as well.

This means that clubhouse members have an early say in planning activities of “our” clubhouse.  My excitement for the clubhouse has greatly increased.”

From a current NLC member:

I am mentally ill. I have depression, anxiety, PTSD, and a trait of borderline personality disorder, of abandonment and rejection issues.

I came to the Clubhouse in October [2011]. I came here, and I was very nervous cause I didn’t know what was going to happen. I thought it was going to be like a drop-in. I was surprised it was not. Now [NLC staff] picks me up at my house and brings me back home. We can come here and relax, talk, go on the computer ’cause I help with the Facebook page entry. Today, I learned how to put directions in the computer. I also do computer thank you notes. I also do crafts for fundraising.

I am making friends with the people there. I get out of the house, and I am not isolating myself in my own home. I sometimes go with [staff] to get my groceries. I am learning about our Clubhouse. [It] is a model of the Fountain House. We are learning to do the WRAP program and that is fun.

My symptoms in my mental illness are decreased cause I go [to] Clubhouse. I am happier now that I belong to Clubhouse.

From an active Clubhouse member and board committee member:

The Clubhouse saved my life.