Well Being Development is a 501(c)3 charitable nonprofit organization incorporated in the State of Minnesota in June 2010.

Our history begins in the summer of 2008 when a group of people in our community investigated the needs of people in the area who have chronic, severe mental illness and discussed increasing the services and resources available to them. Two years later, with the support of local health and service providers, a diversity of community members, and prospective clubhouse members, Well Being Development was formed.

The first major initiative of Well Being Development was to launch the Northern Lights Clubhouse, an evidence-based program to help adults living with mental illnesses achieve hope, dignity and their own social, financial, educational, and vocational goals. The program was founded in 2011 and includes health, wellness, and skill-building related programming as well as a supportive social community.

Pathways to Wellness is a Free, Person-Centered, & Confidential Service
for the Ely, Babbitt, and Tower Communities with Care Facilitators, trained community health worker services, since 2016. Well Being Development has a Care Facilitator on staff.  Pathways to Wellness operates following an inter-agency hub and spoke model, with care navigators housed at four other community organizations. This program is supported by a Community Wellness Fund that provides micro-grants to meet the basic needs of our target population.  

New in 2023: Recovery Residence with Co-located recovery services

Well Being Development acts as a fiscal agent for the   Ely Behavioral Health Network (BHN) was established in 2014 to identify behavioral health care needs in the Ely area and work with local organizations to encourage increased services to meet those needs. Activities include providing community education and behavioral health screening, streamlining healthcare referrals, implementing cross-agency data sharing, and advocating to expand treatment options in the Ely area.